Much more than parental control
Teach your kid how to use digital devices responsibly
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Set boundaries.
Extend them when your child is ready.

  • Limit calls, texts/SMS, apps and the internet

  • Filter games, apps, and social networks

  • Manage contacts

  • Get real-time call, text/SMS and web browsing history

Peace of mind
As your child explores the outside world

  • Real-time location, “go” and “no-go” zones (geofencing)

  • I.C.E. / Emergency Form provides important information

  • Primary contacts receive text/SMS or email with GPS location in case of emergency

Adapt settings to your child.

Set iChaper settings with your child to encourage trust and dialogue

iChaper works on Android with every Mobile Operator

Start in just 3 steps, it’s free!

Download iChaper app on your child’s phone or tablet

Remotely control your child’s device from the Family Dashboard

iChaper encourages Parent - child dialogue

To teach your kids how to use a phone or tablet responsibly, all limitations set by iChaper are displayed on the child’s device
– talk to your child about iChaper and the settings you have chosen.
iChaper is not a “spy”; your child will always know iChaper is on their device.
To protect child privacy, the content of text messages is not displayed to parents.

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