iChaper by Innovation 31

We are based in Paris - oh la la! - but we operate worldwide

Innovation 31 was founded in Paris, France by a dynamic team dedicated to creating innovative easy-to-use software.

We pour our energy and expertise into helping families everywhere engage in a "digital dialogue". With iChaper, our aim is to help children learn how to responsibly engage with the digital world while discovering the real-world.

Thanks to iChaper children use smartphones and tablets in the child-friendly environment parents expect. iChaper lets parents manage the features of their children's Android device remotely through the secure online family dashboard.

The iChaper application works to encourage parent-child dialogue relating to the digital world. But we cannot replace good parenting. You guessed it, at Innovation 31 we value transparency, privacy, dialogue, and of course education !

Innovation 31 loves to work with partners: contact-us !

The french TV channel Gulli chose Innovation 31 and iChaper for its new service "Le mobile by Gulli". With iChaper Gulli has found a way to expand its services within the childhood industry. Visit website

iChaper has been integrated into the first smartphone for kids developed by KD Group. The Kuriophone embeds iChaper technology and was presented early 2014 at the CES Las Vegas. Visit website

Innovation 31 received the label "Croissance" from the seed-accelerator Scientipole in recognition of iChaper's inovation and philosophy. Visit website