Download iChaper
Posted by Germain, Wednesday 21 January 2015
You can get iChaper latest version for FREE by clicking on the link below. It's easy, just follow these steps : 
1- Click on the link below to download iChaper on your computer.
2- Copy the files on your child's phone (you can email it to your child's phone for example).
3- Make sure sure your child's phone can install the apk file.
Kid’s Digital Footprint: what parents need to know
Posted by Shaun, Friday 10 October 2014
Kids love social networks. Half of them have a social network account by the age of 10 even though you must be 13 to legally open an account. Social networks aren’t only entertainment but also an extension of the playground where drama, gossip, stories, and daily life are commented.
Instagram 101 : parent’s guide
Posted by Shaun, Monday 6 October 2014
Did you go on Facebook just to check-in on your child? If yes, you are probably missing out on a part of your child’s virtual identity. Facebook is no longer the most used social network among teens. According to a study conducted by Piper Jaffray , teens consider Instagram as the most important social network. Twitter and Facebook complete the top 3.