Instagram 101 : parent’s guide
Posted by Shaun, Monday 6 October 2014
Did you go on Facebook just to check-in on your child? If yes, you are probably missing out on a part of your child’s virtual identity. Facebook is no longer the most used social network among teens. According to a study conducted by Piper Jaffray , teens consider Instagram as the most important social network. Twitter and Facebook complete the top 3.
6 messaging apps your kid uses
Posted by Shaun, Friday 3 October 2014
It’s no secret - smartphones are becoming more and more popular especially among the young crowd. Web (data) access on smartphones has multiplied opportunities to stay in touch with friends and families and programmers around the globe are losing no time to create new ways to interact with people.
5 fantastic apps to make your family’s life easier
Posted by Shaun, Thursday 28 August 2014
If you want to spend more quality time with your children, try these apps. They will help save time, save money and reduce arguments at home! 1- Organize your family life from A to Z : Cozi Family
If you want an app to help with the daily routine and the “unpredictables” try Cozi.