Your child’s device must run on Android. You can monitor from any device

What is an Android phone or tablet? How do I know if I have one?

Android is an operating system developed by Google. It is used by most major phone manufacturers including: Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony.

To make sure your child’s device is running on Android, go to the device settings and select “about the phone” or “about the tablet”. If you see “Android version”, you own an Android device.

Does the application work on iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry…?

iChaper works only on Android OS phones and tablets using version 2.2 or higher ( ex : Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC…).

iChaper works on nearly every Android smartphone or tablet made after 2010.

However, as a parent you only need an internet connection to connect to the Family Dashboard from any device, including your iPhone.

Does the application work on both tablets and smartphones?

Yes, iChaper works on both smartphone and tablets running Android v.2.2 or higher.

To use the tracking features, the device must have a GPS. For smartphones, we recommend a mobile plan with unlimited text messaging and at least 200Mb of data per month.

Is there only one app for both smartphone and tablet?

Absolutely. It’s the same app but with different features. Once you download iChaper on the device you want to chaperone, just follow the steps to link the child’s smartphone or tablet to your account.

Can I manage more than one smartphone or tablet?

Yes! With iChaper you can monitor up to 5 devices (tablets, smartphones, a little of both !) from the same Family Dashboard.

What mobile operators is iChaper compatible with?

iChaper is compatible with all mobile operators.

Who is responsible if my child’s mobile plan limits are exceeded, resulting in a surcharge?

We do not choose the mobile operator. We do not choose the call plan. You manage iChaper's settings and use. Sorry, we cannot be held liable if mobile plan limits are exceeded, for any surcharges applied to your child's phone bill, or for any other payments made to third parties.

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