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Does this application drain the battery?

Like every application, iChaper uses battery but we have done our best to reduce this impact. Your child should not notice a significant difference in the device’s battery life.

How does the tracking work?

The telephone and tablets are tracked using the built-in GPS chip.

The speed and accuracy of the tracking feature can vary depending on the quality of the GPS network.

GPS technology does not work inside buildings. Sometimes, the telephone can also be tracked through the mobile network and a wireless connection.

Please note that when you track a telephone, a purple zone appears around the tracking point, this represents the approximate margin of error or accuracy of the position.

What is I.C.E.?

In Case of Emergency: Wikipedia

Can I block Internet when my child has access to Wi-Fi?

Yes you can. iChaper works no matter how the device connects to the web (WI-FI, 3G, 4G, EDGE…)

Can my child contact me when their smartphone is blocked by iChaper?

Your child can call and text all Primary Contacts ANYTIME no matter what type of settings you apply.

You can choose up to 5 Primary Contacts. The parent who creates the account is a Primary Contact by default.

I share the tablet with the whole family. How does that work?

You can deactivate iChaper easily when you use the Tablet.

Just open the iChaper app, select “deactivate” and enter either your login/password or your Parent Pin and that’s it!

You can set your Parent Pin in the “My Account” section of the Family Dashboard.

When you want to let your child use the tablet, click on “activate” in the iChaper app and all the settings are re-loaded.

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