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Is the premium subscription subject to a minimum commitment period?

Subscriptions are annual. The full amount will be charged upon subscription and you will be able to use the PREMIUM version of iChaper including updates for 12 months.

At the end of this period, you choose to resubscribe, no automatic renewals here.

How many telephones and tablets can be monitored with a single subscription?

With a PREMIUM subscription, you can monitor up to 5 different devices ( both smartphones and tablets).

After the 10-day free trial period, am I automatically charged for a subscription?

NO! At the end of the trial period, the application automatically switches to “FREE” mode; you can still use basic ”Peace of mind” features but you will no longer have access to “Parental Control” and “Theft / loss” features

To use all of iChaper's features, log-on to the Family Dashboard. Go to the "My Account" section and subscribe to the Premium service.

What payment methods are accepted?

We work with PayPal because it’s easy and safe.

You do not have to create a PayPal account, PayPal allows you to pay using your credit card

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