The best security standards protecting your privacy

How is my child's data protected?

All of your child's personal information is encrypted and encoded with the latest security standards.

You can view the Family Dashboard security certificate here : Certificate page .

Do you collect data about my child and their smartphone and tablet use?

In order for iChaper to function, we are required to collect data.

We do our best to keep this information secure.

Your child's personal data will remain confidential and will not be resold or distributed to third-parties.

In order to improve our service, we may analyze non-personal information.

Who can access my child's data?

Your user login and password are the only way to access information about your child's phone or tablet use.

For maintenance purposes and to improve our service, our programmers sometimes need to access some information but your child's personal data remains encrypted and secure.

Do you use this data for advertising purpose?

No we don’t. Unlike some other companies, iChaper does not sell or rent any data to anyone.

Furthermore, there is no advertising on iChaper. Yes, even on the free version!

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